by Verner Panton

The Panton Chair, an ergonomically shaped plastic cantilever chair, optimally adapts to the seated person in his individual sitting position. Since the skid on which the Panton Chair rests is also made of plastic, special felt pads are recommended when using the Panton Chair on smooth floors. Panto Glide, a felt pad specially developed for the Panton Chair, protects both, chair skid and ground. In addition, sliding noise by using the Panton Chair is significantly minimized.

Manufacturer Vitra furniture by Verner Panton
Material PP [ Polypropylen ] | UV-Filter
Shipping 2 weeks
Inclusive Quality Check


incl. 19% Vat, plus shipping costs


Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Panton Chair

In addition, a range of felt seat covers for the Panton Chair are available in the accessories section. As a natural product wool felt provides a welcome moisture balance, if the Panton Chair becomes too sweaty in the summer. In winter, on the other hand, a felt cover forms a heat-insulating layer to the cold plastic. The felt seat covers from manufacturers such as Hey-Sign, Parkkaus and Vitra are available in a variety of colours. In this way, the seat cushion can be matched to the colour of the Panton Chair or adds an accent to the rest of the furnishings.

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The Panton Chair is produced by Vitra in polyurethane. With the technical achievement of colouring plastics, in 1999 the Swiss furniture manufacturer brought the Panton Chair by Verner Panton to the furniture market in a more affordable version compared to the Panton Chair Classic. In 2005, the childrens chair Panton Junior followed, a true-to-scale reduction of the Panton Chair. Mixed additives increase the UV stability of the paint and slow down the fading process. Something that makes the Panton Chair not only indoor but also outdoor suitable. In addition to the 6 standard colours white, black, orange, red, ice gray and chartreuse, an olive tone, the licensed manufacturer places the Panton Chair in so-called ‘special editions’ at regular intervals.

In 2011 for example, the Panton Chair was manufactured in dark lime in a quantity of 2.000 copies and offered through selected dealers such as the design interior specialist TAGWERC. In addition to the colour selection, the everyday use of the Panton Chair makes the chair particularly attractive. Because: up to 3 Panton Chairs can even be stacked to save space.

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  • Material
  • Colour
  • UV-Filter
  • PP [ Polypropylen ]
  • Red
  • Yes


  • Height
  • Width
  • Seat height
  • Weight
  • 83.00 cm
  • 60.00 cm
  • 41.50 cm
  • 5.50 kg


  • Outdoor suitable
  • Stackable
  • Yes
  • Yes
  • Special additives retard the fading of colours due to UV radiation. However, if the chair is exposed to sunlight for prolonged periods, the colour may change over time. We recommend limited exposure to sunlight.

The Panton Chair was designed by
Verner Panton

Verner Panton X Pantop
Designer Verner Panton
Verner Panton
Original Verliebt. Design objects by Verner Panton in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Verner Panton is one of the most inspiring designers of the 20th century. With avant-garde designs using modern materials, the native Dane was far ahead of his time. The architect and designer created houses, furniture, lighting, textiles and everyday objects.

Chairs - Panton Chair Family

Felt pads suitable for the Panton Chair Model until 2020

Felt pads suitable for the Panton Junior