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The latest interior looks, the hottest furnishing trends, promotions, projects and design news – everything that has anything to do with unique interior design, can be found here, in the TAGWERC Design STORE, the online store of premium interior designer TAGWERC.

Often, designers are way ahead of their time, and therefore, if you like, the Enfants Terribles of interior design in the 20th and 21st centuries. In times of direct lighting, chunky closet walls and dark furnishings, they sometimes set the opposite just a century ago: indirect light, modular functional furniture and colour. Her furniture, carpets, lamps, objects have become design classics. In times of mobile living, energy-saving lamps and LEDs, design classics are also up to date.

TAGWERC sets up restaurants, libraries, offices and private spaces with design classics of yesterday, today and tomorrow. From the A like dressing room to Z like cigar lounge. Equipped with the penchant for interior design, the TAGWERC Design TEAM meets unique designs and reveals design trends at fashion shows and fairs, avant-garde studios and traveling. They are modern, noble, sometimes downright elegant and sometimes a bit daring – but not dusty and boring, guaranteed. We give the design masters of yesterday, today and tomorrow a stage and think: Unique design is simply immortal. Long live inspiring interior design!

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