by Suck UK Design Team

Party, children’s birthday party, a highlight for the window, the shelf, lighting for restaurant tables, a bar, the bedside table – the rechargeable LED lamp with a colourful rainbow inside is reminiscent of an Edison light bulb and can be used anywhere without cord. At the touch of a button, Cordless Rainbow Lightbulb creates a great atmosphere. Besides the rainbow shape, the portable and rechargeable LED light can also be ordered from TAGWERC with a pink glowing heart and a white glowing star.

Manufacturer Suck UK Gift Ideas
Material Metal | Glass
A++ TO A
Bulb LED in form | Fixed
Shipping 2 weeks
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Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Cordless Rainbow Lightbulb Table lamp

Wow effect included

A romantic evening for two is probably one of the most beautiful dates – not only on Valentine’s Day. For that very special wow in table decoration and table lighting, interior decorator TAGWERC offers the ‘Cordless Rainbow Lightbulb’ luminaire. The name already suggests it: The cordless table lamp in the shape of a light bulb has a rainbow inside equipped with LED diodes instead of a light wire. When switched on, the rainbow shines colourful. The rainbow light can be switched on and off at any time via an on/off button in the base. In the base of the mini table lamp there is also a charging hole for charging the lamp with the included USB cable.

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Standing and lying

The processed materials glass and metal provide the rainbow light bulb with a high-quality look and feel. With a charging time of around one and a half hours, the light lasts up to five hours when fully charged – long enough for a multi-course meal including an aperitif and digestif or the night when the children go to bed. If the lamp is transported in a break-proof way, it is also ideal for a picnic or as a mobile and atmospheric lighting solution when watching the sunset together. The star light bulb can be used both upright and lying down.

Homage to the light bulb

The Rainbow Lightbulb is a complete luminaire that has been modelled on the shape of a light bulb but cannot be screwed into a lamp socket. Rather, Cordless Rainbow Lightbulb is a homage to the light bulb and unique lighting object for a variety of occasions. Cordless Rainbow Lightbulb – our gift tip for all occasions that call for a shining rainbow.

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  • Material
  • Colour
  • Metal lacquered
  • Rainbow


  • Height
  • Diameter
  • Weight
  • USB cable length
  • USB cable colour
  • Switch
  • 12.00 cm
  • 6.50 cm
  • 0.099 kg
  • ./.
  • ./.
  • On / Off


  • Base socket
  • Max. Power
  • Finish
  • Colour temperature
  • Battery life
  • ./.
  • ./.
  • Fixed LEDs
  • ./.
  • 5 hours at 100%

The Cordless Lightbulb accu lamps from the Suck UK Collection.

ACCU Table lamp Cordless Heart Lightbulb

ACCU Table lamp Cordless Rainbow Lightbulb

ACCU Table lamp Cordless Star Lightbulb