Design lamps and furniture from Poltronova in TAGWERC Design STORE.


Redical Design

Centro Studi Poltronova was founded in 2005 by Roberta Meloni and Francesca Balena in Florence, Italy. In reminiscence of Poltronova, the visionary furnishing company of Sergio Cammilli from 1957, Centro Studi Poltronova reissues a series of unique but at the time no longer produced design classics. Since 2009, the highly sculptural furnishing objects are available at interior designer TAGWERC. Centro Studi Poltronova and TAGWERC combines the love for unusual design and perfect quality.

The furnishing objects with sonorous names like the sofa Superonda, the lamps Gherpe and Passiflora, the armchair Joe or the mirror Ultrafragola are available in original in the TAGWERC Design STORE. Roberta Meloni and Francesca Balena from the City of the Arts are also committed to the manufacture of legendary furniture designs, their archiving and their continuation. Thanks to their initiative and the commitment of TAGWERC, contract furniture by Ettore Sottsas jr. but also classics in reminiscence to the Bauhaus architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe or designs by the architectural group Superstudio and the design studio Archizoom Associati live on.

Thus, the attention to detail at Centro Studi Poltronova can be experienced for example during production of the Joe armchair. The seat, an oversized baseball glove reminiscent of the legendary baseball player Joe DiMaggio, is made entirely of the finest leather. Centro Studi Poltronova offers the Joe armchair, which is popular with celebrities, in various designs, of which TAGWERC has samples for you in the showroom.

TAGWERC recommends the design objects in the postmodernist style of Centro Studi Poltronova for those, who are looking for something special and at the same time want exclusivity.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Design drafts produced by Centro Studi Poltronova.

Living sculpture ULTRAFRAGOLA from Poltronova

Living sculpture JOE from Poltronova