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Torches of modernity

Wall lights are practical and deliver a perfect mood light. As a basic lighting for long corridors, small rooms and whenever the eye is to be directed to a special accent in the room – wall lamps are true all- rounders and simply super practical. Wall lamps can be mounted at any height. In addition, the ground remains free. In the TAGWERC Design STORE you will find just everything: indoor and outdoor wall lights, simple wall lights, modern wall lamps, design classics, spots, objects, wall lamps with and without cables.

Smart, with and without cable

Wall lamps from the TAGWERC Design STORE are versatile. Some wall lights require a power connection at the mounting point. Other wall lamps are equipped with a transparent or textile sheathed cable. As a result, no wall outlet is needed, which, if this was not considered from the outset in the planning of the room, in retrospect is always associated with considerable costs and dirt. Wall lamps equipped with cable and plug can be hung anywhere where there is an outlet nearby. With a handy on-off switch, the wall light can be switched on or off whenever you like it. Some wall lamps are equipped with an adapter or can be controlled with the Dali smart control via the smartphone or tablet.

Sconces with feel-good fact

What used to be wall torches, which brought light into rooms and corridors as basic lighting, today are the wall luminaires that set the light accents in the ambience. But wall lights are not only practical, they also provide mood. In a dark room they illuminate a certain area. A coloured or specially structured wall, an otherwise unobtrusive corner, a certain area is emphasized by the use of wall lights. Especially beautiful are sconces as bedside lamps, right and left of the bed. Some provide bright reading light, others an atmospheric bedroom lighting – or they can be dimmed to the right mood. Feel-good factor guaranteed!

Safety from the socket

Wall lamps offer many ways to make the home more homely and even safer. In the living area, for example, you can integrate a timer that can be placed between the wall lamp and the wall socket, and which – during your absence – ensures a visual stimulation of your home. In the winter, for example, you could be additionally awakened by the light and thus awake faster.

Visual signpost

Wall lights offer many ways to make the home even more homely. Sconces are modern wall torches that show us the way and adapt to our mood.
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Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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