Die Muschelleuchten von Verner Panton. Die Leuchten werden heute von Verpan aus Dänemark gebaut.

Seashell lamps – Mother of Pear lamps Verner Panton

In Feng Shui one is convinced that only in bright, warm light the energy can flow unhindered. Dark corners and niches inhibit the flow of energy. The easiest way to notice this is through some discomfort and an unconscious aversion to a particular area in a room, a staircase, a doorway, or part of a room. Light is able to release this knot.

Light filter and reflector

By using a Mother of Pearl seashell lamp, this special place is illuminated in a particularly harmonious way. The natural permutation discs, obtained from seashells, filter the bulb and reflect it at the same time. This creates an interesting play of light and shadow on walls and ceiling. The formerly dark corner has become a unique place that attracts the eye and ensures well-being and imaginary warmth.

Wellbeing and warmth

No matter whether pendant lamp, table lamp, wall lamp or floor lamp – the Mother of Pearl discs of the seashell lamps reflect the light in different ways, which in turn generates different light tones and creates very special light accents. In any case, it is advisable to equip a room with several different light sources. On the one hand, certain areas can be specifically illuminated in this way and thus different moods can be generated. On the other hand, it is simply practical if a reading light is placed next to the chair or two pendant lights can be switched independently of each other over a long dining table.

Shapely and flexible

Here, the use of the FUN Seashell lamps makes sense. The series consists of a family of pendant lights, table lamps, a floor lamp, the FUN 1STM, and a wall lamp, FUN 1WM. The table lamps of the FUN Seashell series are available in two sizes: FUN 1TM (large) and FUN 2TM (small). The pendant lights of the FUN Seashell family have two different suspension systems and can be divided into two categories. Suspensions with metal frame (FUN 0DM, FUN 1DM, FUN 2DM, FUN 10DM, FUN 10 DM brass, FUN 11 DM and FUN 11DM brass) are equipped with a four- meter-long, fabric-coated power cable and can therefore be flexibly mounted in height. In contrast, the suspensions with ceiling rose from the FUN Seashell series, due to their special construction, have fixed heights: FUN 3DM – 240 cm, FUN 4DM -110 cm, FUN 5DM – 180 cm, FUN 7DM – 110 cm and FUN 8DM – 200 cm.

FUN and Feng Shui

No matter which of the charismatic FUN Seashell lamps you choose, shells represent the element of water in Feng Shui, stimulating the flow of life. Apart from that, the luminaires of the FUN Seashell family look simply breathtaking.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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The Seashell lamps from Verner Panton, manufactured by Verpan.

Pendant lights - Mother of Pearl Family

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