Rugs by Designercarpets.


High quality carpets that are based on designs by famous designers – this is the strength of Designercarpets. That means that each rug is manufactured by hand exclusively for its new owner.

The history begins in 1949. The Family Drechsle opens a shop with traditional knotted oriental rugs. Quality and service gets around. A production in Kathmandu, Nepal allows unusual, custom-made fabrics from 1983 onwards. In addition to a pioneering role in the processing even more exotic materials such as hemp and cotton, the German family from the badisch Lörrach sets great store by a careful staff management and resources. “That’s why we from Designercarpets pay close attention to the working conditions,” stresses Stefan Drechsle. Child labor is frowned upon at all.

With the facilities of its own production the owner got the idea to break new ground: carpets by, with and for designers. In 1999 he made a Mickey Mouse-style carpet in Miro type and for the Swedish actor, director and artist Lasse Åberg. When the carpet was presented in the former galery of Lasse Brander, in the Old Town Hall in Inzligen, Geramany, Stefan Drechsle made the acquaintance of Marianne Panton. Soon both agreed: Verner Panton‘s carpet designs have to be revived.

“This meeting was the beginning of a productive cooperation,” remembers Drechsle. Again and again, drafts were discussed and carpet patterns produced – until finally colours and quality satisfy all. “The development work took place in very exceptional facilities that could be designed by no one other than Verner Panton,” tells Drechsle with shining eyes.

It was the beginning of a new orientation and the beginning of Designercarpets. Then Stefan Drechsle met other contemporary designers. With Pierre Paulin the business man combines a friendship since 2004. Karim Rashid designed rugs specifically for Designercarpets. Patrick Norguet, Carmen Stallbaumer and Arik Levy complete the repertoire of fine and exclusive home textiles made from the materials pure new wool and silk.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Verner Panton Design, manufactured by Designercarpets.

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Verner Panton Design, which is no longer manufactured by Designercarpets.

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