Design lamps from Martinelli Luce in the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Martinelli Luce

Italian luminaire design

Martinelli Luce is an Italian lighting manufacturer from Lucca and official partner of TAGWERC. The TAGWERC Design STORE introduces selected lights from the Martinelli Luce collection. All other Martinelli Luce luminaires as well as spare parts are also available from TAGWERC.

In 1950, Elio Martinelli founded the manufactory named after him in his hometown, the picturesque capital of the province of Lucca in the valley of the Serchio River not far from Pisa, in the fertile hills of Tuscany. Elio Martinelli, actually a trained set designer, is fascinated by the effect of light and incorporates it into his scene setup during his training at the Accademia di Belle Arti in Florence. This and the family ‘pre-burden’ by his father eventually lead to Elio Martinelli being committed to the development of luminaires entirely and founding Martinelli Luce.

From the very beginning, Elio Martinelli has incorporated innovation and experimentation into his luminaire designs. Martinelli is fascinated by the variety of designs of nature, with flowing, round shapes, but also by the sometimes edgy silhouettes of geometry. Pipistrello, Cobra, Ruspa or Serpente are classic lights from Martinelli Luce. Martinelli Luce is not only dedicated to the production of his own luminaire designs, but also manufactures luminaires in cooperation with other designers.

Martinelli Luce also maintains a strong connection to the USA, as the company produces two luminaires by architect Richard Neutra: Marx (1928) and V.D.L. (1931). Richard Neutra (1892-1970), actually a native of Austria, is regarded in the USA as one of the most important representatives of ‘classical modernism’ in the field of architecture. After working in New York and Chicago, Neutra moved to Southern California.

Martinelli Luce, on the other hand, has remained true to the Lucca site to this day and is now run here still as a family business in the third generation. The values and the maxim of the company founder have remained and have been adapted to new materials, new technologies and a new lighting market. Martinelli Luce is represented in the TAGWERC Design STORE with some selected light classics from yesterday and tomorrow. As official sales partner of Martinelli Luce, TAGWERC will provide you with all original designs as well as original spare parts for luminaires from the Martinelli Luce collection.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Design lamps and spare parts by Martinelli Luce.