Rugs in the TAGWERC Design STORE

All-rounder in the case of styling and cosiness

Carpets are absolutely trendy. Less the dusty carpets from past years as rather round, square or rectangular living rugs, runners, luxury rugs and outdoor rugs, which conjure a real piece of comfort on smooth floors such as wooden floorboards, parquet, laminate and tile or stone floors. TAGWERC Design STORE brings together all the rugs that give your home coolness, elegance, uniqueness and luxury. Be inspired by our rugs and interior design ideas.

Versatile and flexible

Rugs are versatile, flexible and offer just the right amount of comfort for a clean and structured environment. Carpets are true all- rounders. They do not only provide comfort, but also give a room a specific structure. Particularly eye-catching patterns on rugs from Designercarpets, the ‘erased’ carpets and leather carpets from Massimo or the colourful iridescent rugs from &tradition attract attention.
Carpets also border an area in the room and improve the acoustics – especially when mounted on the wall.

Knotted, woven or tufted

Rugs can always be repositioned or added later to an existing facility. The rugs in the TAGWERC Design STORE come from manufactures in Nepal and India. They are knotted by hand, woven or tufted – depending on what is stated on the product page as production method for the respective rug. All rugs are design objects made without child labor. A maximum of quality and individuality are guaranteed. The unique handmade objects are for sure not just for design lovers. All those, who understand that quality always pays off will be delighted by the rugs from the TAGWERC Design STORE.

New wool, bamboo or leather

Whether high pile, long pile or short pile, whether from new wool, bamboo or leather – the rugs from the TAGWERC Design STORE combine noble optics with natural materials. In addition to the standard dimensions indicated on the product pages, the rugs can also be produced in individual dimensions on request – always according to customer requirements. But regardless of the varying specifications – TAGWERC’s textile art works present function, colours and shapes in rarely experienced harmony.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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The rugs from Designercarpets in TAGWERC Design STORE.

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