Panthella lamps designed by Verner Panton.

Panthella lamps from Verner Panton

Panthella lights, also known as Panthella lamps, belong to a series of lidgting by the Danish lighting label Louis Poulsen, produced under license from a design by the architect Verner Panton from 1971. The Panthella lighting family consists of the floor lamp Panthella F (F = Floor) and the table lamps Panthella T (T = Table) and Panthella Mini. All Panthella lamps and all spare parts are available as originals from the TAGWERC Design STORE.

Simplicity and elegance

Hallway lamp, living room lamp, bedside lamp, lamp on a sideboard in the hallway or children’s room, classic accent on a side table in the living room or as a stylish eye-catcher in the meeting room and office – Verner Panton loved Panthella because of its simplicity and elegance and placed Panthella in almost every room of his own apartment in Copenhagen.

Light and colors

Panton lived there, when he prepared a retrospective entitled ‘Light and Colors’ in 1998 at the Design Museum Trapholt in Kolding, Denmark. The room installation dipped eight rooms in different colours. Fate wanted it, that Verner Panton did not witness the opening of his life’s work, because he died only a few days before the opening. On the occasion of Verner Panton’s birthday, which marks the ninetieth anniversary in 2016, Louis Poulsen revived the Panthella Mini. The colours of the Panthella Mini table lamp are based on the colours that Panton had chosen for his retrospective “Light and Colors” at the Trapholt Design Museum.

Modern lighting technology

Panthella Mini works with integrated LED technology while the classic Panthella lights, Panthella F and Panthella T can be equipped with any bulb in the specified power range thanks to the conventional socket. In contrast to the newly launched Panthella Mini, both the Panthella F floor lamp and the Panthella T table lamp by Louis Poulsen are now exclusively produced in white. Equipped white plastic lampshade and a certain transparency, it is wholly illuminated by the bulb.

Well thought-out design

All Panthella luminaires are characterized by a simple and well thought-out basic construction. The lamp body of the Panthella lamp is composed of a hemisphere that opens at the bottom. The hemisphere obscures the bulb sideways and upwards. In contrast to the Panthella luminaires with translucent lampshade, Panthella F, Panthella T and Panthella Mini in opal white, the interior surfaces of the coloured Panthella Mini lampshades are coated in white and serve as a light reflector. The well thought-out and shapely construction of the Panthella luminaires truly sets every ambience in the limelight.

Classics of design history

As design classics, the Panthella luminaires combine timeless design with modern materials. With a variety of colours available, the newly launched Panthella Mini table lamp offers the best possible variation in design. This allows Panthella Mini lights to match the colour scheme of their environment. Design intentional accents arise when the tone of Panthella Mini takes on the colour of an object in the room, for example a painting, carpet, tiles etc. Decades after the first design, the Panthella lighting series is now more popular than ever and undoubtedly a classic in design history. Below you will find all luminaires from the Panthella lighting family:

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The Panthella lamps from Verner Panton, manufactured by Louis Poulsen.

Spare parts Panthella Mini Table lamp

Spare parts Panthella Table lamp

Spare parts Panthella Floor lamp