Jaime Hayon - Artist and Designer

Jaime Hayon – artist and designer

Jaime Hayon – artist, designer, inspiration is a Spanish designer whose unique designs are produced by manufacturers such as BD Barcelona, &tradition and Metalarte and are available at TAGWERC Design STORE, the retailer for original design classics of yesterday and tomorrow. The ‚Times Magazine‘ named Jaime Hayon one of the 100 most important creatives of our time and according to ‚Wallpaper Magazine‘, the Spanish designer is one of the most influential designers of the last decade.

Fabrica Research Centre

Jaime Hayon was born in Madrid in 1974. Hayon laid the foundation for his success with studies in industrial design, which he completed at the ‘Instituto Europeo di Diseño’ in his hometown and at the ‘École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs’ (EnsAD for short) in Paris. In 1997, at the age of 23, Hayon was accepted at the renowned ‚Fabrica’, the communication research centre of the Benetton group.

Forms and facets

The institution in Treviso, Italy, was founded in 1994 by Luciano Benetton and the advertising expert Oliviero Toscani, and financed by the Benetton Group. In the ambience of a 17th century Venetian villa, restored by Japanese architect Tadao Ando, creatives from all fields of communication explore the theme in all its forms and facets: design, music, internet, journalism, writing, illustration, painting, architecture, interior design, performance, art, graphics, advertising, photography and film. According to their own information, Fabrica has so far hosted 800 creatives under 25 years of age from over 65 different countries.

City of waters

After a year as a trainee at the Fabrica, Hayon is in charge of the local design department, which deals with projects in the field of interior design in general and the development of graphic design objects in particular. Hayon maintains the link to Treviso and the proximity to Fabrica by opening his own design studio, his second company headquarters, in the capital of the province of the same name, Treviso, also called the “city of waters”.

Studio in southern Spain

Prior to this, Hayon set up his own business as an artistic designer in Madrid in 2001 with the foundation of his ‚Hayon Studio’. In the meantime, the creative base of Hayon Studio is in the southern Spanish city of Valencia, which is known for its exciting mix of traditional old town and futuristic architecture and – by the way – is considered the home of Paella, the world-famous Spanish dish. In addition to Valencia, Hayon has offices in Barcelona and Treviso.

Compositions of art and design

Jaime Hayon is indeed a multi-talented designer. In addition to objects and media, he executes complete interior designs for leading hotels, restaurants, museums and retail companies worldwide. Hayon’s work appears in renowned international art and design publications. Hayon shows his artistic design visions in exhibitions installed worldwide and at international art and design fairs. Numerous awards distinguish his work, including, for example, several Elle Decoration International Design Awards.

Mediterranean Digital Baroque

Hayon’s works are inimitably distinguished by their artistic examination of tradition and modernity. Ceramics that play with symbolism and traditional motifs in an inspiring way. Objects such as the Monkey table, the Formakami lamp family reminiscent of Japanese paper lamps, the vases Showtime, Happy Yeti or Happy Susto transport fine art into decorative objects of interior design. Hayon first showed his artistic vision at the installations ‚Mediterranean Digital Baroque’ in 2003 in London, England, and at ‚Mon Cirque’ in 2005, which is why Hayon’s style is sometimes described as ‚Mediterranean Digital Baroque’ in reference to this.

Context of design culture

By Hayon’s own admission, these exhibitions put him at the forefront of a new wave. A current that blurs the boundaries between art, decoration and design, and adds to this a renaissance of finely crafted, filigree objects in the context of contemporary design culture. Undoubtedly something completely new, unique: the signature of Jaime Hayon.

Hayon shows his artistic design vision in exhibitions installed worldwide and at international art and design fairs. At TAGWERC, there are Hayon’s iconic furnishing objects for that special something in your own four walls.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Jaime Hayon Design, manufactured by &Tradition.

Pendant light Formakami

Table lamp Formakami

Jaime Hayon Design, manufactured by BD Barcelona Design.

Vase Happy Susto

Vase Happy Yeti

Table Monkey Side Table