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The colour red makes it emotional

‘See red‘, ‚turn red with rage’ strolling the ‘red carpet’ – all these expressions show one thing clearly: the colour red makes it emotional. Since their waves swing the slowest, red is actually the densest and heaviest of all colours. On the one hand, we associate love and passion with red, but on the other hand, we also associate danger. Since colours trigger associations and they are automatically accompanied by sensations and feelings, colours are the perfect brand ambassadors. Therefore, colours have been used in the field of product marketing for a very long time and in a very targeted manner.

An example that everyone should know is the cola lemonade, which is advertised with white letters on a red background. In addition to blue and yellow, red is a so-called primary colour. Whether the sound is perceived positively or negatively depends on its intensity and individual experience of each individual. In any case, red increases body temperature and heats up the bloodstream. Therefore, red stimulates conversations in the living room, for example, and is considered the most emotional of all colours in the field of interior design.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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