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Verpan is a lighting and furniture manufacturer producing licensed designs by Danish designer Verner Panton. The label is headquartered in the Danish city Horsens, a port city on the east coast of Jutland, at the end of Horsens Fjord. Verpan, a word created from of the first three letters of the forename and surname Verner Panton’s, began in 2003 with the production of the VP Globe pendant lamp. Verpan dealer of the first hour is the German interior designer Tagwerc. Together with Verpan the global company TAGWERC makes brand work. Here, the Danish and German companies keep the memory of Verner Panton design alive.

Solid manufacturing experience

The history of Verpan begins in 2003 in Denmark. Verpan cooperates with Frandsen Lighting in the production of one pendant luminaire designed by Verner Panton. The Danish company also has sound manufacturing experience since 1968 – even though in a lower price range. VP Globe, with a diameter of 50 centimeters, is the first luminaire produced by Frandsen Lighting in the same year, 2003.

Panton Table and Party Set

Shortly thereafter, Verpan is acquired and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Frandsen Group with Frandsen Lighting. The close and inspiring collaboration with the widow of the designer, Marianne Panton, and their family has led to the constant expansion of Verpan’s Verner Panton collection. In 2010, Verpan presents for the first time re-design objects from the furniture designs of Verner Panton at the interieur fair in Kortrijk, Belgium. With the 1-2-3 Chair, the Panton Table, the Multifunctional Boxes and the Party Set, Verpan extended its spectrum into the furniture sector. Fortunately, thanks to this new orientation, the Barboy will continue to live on, even though far less costly produced, because Vitra had stopped the production.

Quality and originality

Taking into account the philosophy of Verner Panton plays a central role. As a sign of authenticity each by Verpan manufactured and by TAGWERC sold Verner Panton object bears the signet of the designer. A nice idea for authentication and simultaneously a tribute to one of the most prominent designers of the second half of the 20th century.

Common engine

Lighting, furniture, carpets and objects – the list of designs Verner Panton created during his lifetime, mostly as commissioned work, is long. Thanks to the effective brand work the Verpan product range that once started with a single lamp, recently increased. Once Frandsen Lighting produced for the pendant lamp VP Globe for Verpan. After only one year Frandsen Lighting bought Verpan and divided the brand as a subsidiary in the parent company. Peter Frandsen, a son of Frandsen company founder Benny Frandsen (not to be confused with the fictional character Benny Frandsen from the Danish crime series ‘The Olsen Gang’), is the CEO of Verpan. He coordinates the products, designs and colours to be produced with the widow of the designer, Marianne Panton.

Guaranteed orginal

In a world of plagiarism it is worth looking at originality and quality. Verpan manufactures Verner Panton design using high quality materials and modern production processes. As designs are also optimized from time to time, purchaseing Verner Panton design objects at Tagwerc is recommended. Here are the Verner Panton lamps, furniture, carpets and objects guaranteed original, with certificate, brand new and from the current production and Verpan collection.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Verner Panton Design, manufactured by Verpan.

Pendant lights Mother of Pearl

Wall lights Mother of Pearl

Floor lamps Mother of Pearl

Table lamps Mother of Pearl

Pendant lights Moon

Floor lamp Wire Lamp

Table lamp Wire Lamp

Mobile storage Barboy

Verner Panton Design, which is no longer manufactured by Verpan.

Pendant lights Ball

Pendant lights Fun Metal

Wall lights Fun Metal

Table lamps Fun Metal

Rugs Luna Rug

Pendant lights Moon

Pendant lights Onion

Table lamps Onion

Pendant lights Spiral multicolor

Pendant lights Ufo

Table lamps Wire Lamp