Pendant lights by Designer Verner Panton in the TAGWERC Design STORE

Verner Panton pendant lights

Pendant lamps are simply irreplaceable when it comes to illuminating a particular living area atmospherically. No matter if a glare-free light at the dining table, over a counter, in the bedroom or corridor- pendant lights, also called suspended lamps or ceiling lamps, are true all-rounders.

Direct lighting

But one hanging lamp is not the same as the other hanging lamp. They are available with direct and indirect light. At direct light, the light cone usually radiates downwards. Suspensions that work with direct light should never hang that high that you can look directly into them. That would blind the eyes too much. To avoid irritating glare, the pendant lamp has to be hung a little deeper. Designer Verner Panton has designed a few suspension that provide a direct light. The Topan pendant lamps or the Pantop pendant lamp series provide direct lighting. Suspended in a row above the dining table or a counter, they emphasize this area in an open living situation such as an open kitchen. Even in a combined living / dining room or an apartment with a loft character, these pendant luminaires are perfect for visually structuring the space and creating clarity.

Indirect lighting

However, most of the pendant lamps by designer Verner Panton provide indirect lighting. Here, for assembly, it is not necessary to make sure that they are hanging too high. Because, the bulbs are concealed in these pendant lamps, by mother of pearl discs, metal elements, glass reflectors and so on. Looking closer at the Panton pendant lamps, you will discover how creative the designer was in designing innovative lighting solutions.

Anything but ordinary

There are light objects that seem to float like planets in space, chandeliers made of the finest mother of pearl, chandeliers reminiscent of atmospheric columns of light, pendant lamps. which are made up of balls or tubular rings of different sizes. There are pendant lamps in shapes reminiscent of balls, onions, mushrooms or the breathtaking full moon. Here, in the TAGWERC Design STORE you will find the extraordinary and special pendant lights, guaranteed.

Text by Bianca KILLMANN
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Verner Panton Pendant lights, manufactured by Verpan and &Tradition.

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