Panthella Table lamp

This lampshade is the original replacement part for the table lamp Panthella in opal white made from the material acrylic of Danish manufacturer Louis Poulsen. The lampshade in form of a hemisphere has a hole at the top as slot for the lamp body. The replacement lampshade is especially suitable for the table lamp Panthella in opal white. Other replacement lampshades for the Panthella Mini in painted metal, chromed metal, acrylic or the Panthella table lamp are available as separte items in the Verner Panton Universe by TAGWERC. The Panthella lampshade made of opal white acrylic unfolds its effect when switched on.

Manufacturer The lamps & lamps by Louis Poulsen.
Material Acrylic | White
Shipping 2 weeks
Inclusive Quality Check


incl. 16% Vat, plus shipping costs


  • Material
  • Colour
  • Acrylic
  • White


  • Height
  • Diameter
  • ./.
  • 40 cm


  • The replacement lampshade fits only for Panthella table lamp, Panthella T, with a lampshade diameter of 40 cm.

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